Tarunima Prabhakar

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In the Media
Platforms, Misinformation, Hate Speech Related
  • "How Desi Troll Armies have built a Coded Lexicon of Slurs." Times of India. Feb 8, 2022 [Link]
  • "Can Tech and Humans Work Together To Make Social Media Less Communally Charged?" The Quint. 27 Apr 2022 [Link]
  • "Facebook's Fake News Problem." Rest of World South Asia Newsletter. 03 November 2021 [Link]
  • "We've Just Seen the First Use of Deepfakes in an Indian Election Campaign." Vice. 18 February 2020 [Link]
  • "Troll Watch: Deep Fakes In Indian Elections". NPR. February 22, 2020 [Link]
Digital Lending Related
  • "Beware of Instant Loans". The Great Indian Ghotala Podcast. 25 March 2021. [Link]
  • "Loans That Hijack Your Phone are Coming to India". Rest of World. 17 March 2021. [Link]
  • "ANALYSIS-Your data for cash: Indian lending apps force tough choice". Thomas Reuters. 29 January 2021. [Link]
WhatsApp/Encryption Related
  • "Are Private Chats Secure." Deccan Herald. 29 September 2020 [Link]