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Peer-Reviewed/ White Papers
  • Tarunima Prabhakar, Anushree Gupta, Kruttika Nadig, Denny George.(2021). "Check Mate: Prioritizing User Generated Multi-Media Content for Fact-Checking". ICWSM 2021. [PREPRINT LINK]
  • Connie Moon Sehat, Tarunima Prabhakar, Aleksei Kaminski. "Ethical Approaches to Closed Messaging Research: Considerations in Democratic Contexts." [LINK].
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (2020, June). A New Era for Credit Scoring: Financial Inclusion, Data Security, and Privacy Protection in the Age of Digital Lending." [Link]
  • Brandie Nonnecke, Tarunima Prabhakar , Chloe Brown, Camille Crittenden. (2017, June). Inclusive AI: Technology and Policy for a Diverse Urban Future." [Link]
  • Soham De, Indradyumna Roy, Tarunima Prabhakar, Kriti Suneja, Sourish Chaudhuri, Bhiksha Raj, Rita Singh. (2012). "Plagiarism Detection in Polyphonic Music using Monaural Signal Separation". Interspeech 2012 [Link]
Working Papers
Abstracts/Short Form
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (2022). "Hass im toten Winkel". Der Pragmaticus. [Link]
  • Prateek Waghre, Tarunima Prabhakar (2022). "Countering hate in the digital world". The Indian Express. [Link]
  • Anushree Gupta, Tarunima Prabhakar (2021). "A Contextual Inquiry of The International Fact-Checking Network and Factuality on Social Media." ICWSM 2021 Workshop Paper.
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (Jan `21). "Downloading a Debt Trap" (Op-Ed). The Indian Express. [Link]
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (Jan `21). "Lessons from 17th Century Scientific Experiments: Data Commons Need Open Hardware". Journal of Open Hardware. [Link]
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (Dec `20). "Govts Want Backdoor Entry to Encrypted WhatsApp Texts. It Can Also Be Backdoor For Hackers" (Op-Ed). The Print. [Link]
  • Tarunima Prabhakar, Denny George (Oct '19). "Considerations in Archiving Misinformation from Encrypted Messaging Apps". Comparative Approaches to Disinformation, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University. [Link]
  • Swair Shah, Denny George, Tarunima Prabhakar (Oct `19). "Tools for Countering Misinformation on Encrypted Chat Apps". Conference for Truth and Trust Online. [Link]
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (Dec `19). "Op-Ed on Treatment of Ethics in AI Strategy". The Print. [Link]
  • Tarunima Prabhakar (2016, Jan). "No Easy Answers in Net Neutrality Debate." Berkeley Public Policy Journal. [Link]
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